Father’s Day Poem for My Daddy

I wrote a poem for you today

To my daddy who went away

God came one night, and took his hand

And lead him to the promise land

When I heard the news, it took my breath

To learn of my daddy’s sudden death
He’d been so sick, and suffered so

I was selfish, I didn’t want him to go

He always looked to God above 

He taught me things, most of love

Like how a daddy, is always there

To provide, support, and always care

I was blessed way above and beyond measure 

To have a daddy I’d always treasure

He worked so hard in his little store

So he could pay bills, and give us more

I can remember him giving bread away

And milk, and goodies to this day

To those who were poor and had no money to give

He’d pack up some milk, and bread to live

Daddy would say, he couldn’t see 

Letting their children go hungry 

Even if they just couldn’t pay, he would just tell them, maybe some day

And he would just smile as they drove away

But he knew then, he’d never see them again, they’d never pay

He always tried to help the poor

Give what he could, from his store

He worked hard every single day

Come home to garden, before the day went away 

He had the greenest thumb you have ever seen

He was so blessed to grow most anything

Oh, the joy he would bring

His voice angelic, he loved to sing

Somewhere over the rainbow, he’d sing to me 

If I couldn’t find him, that’s where he’d be

I guess I was a tomboy cause he would take me

Hunting, and fishing ,that’s where we’d be

Or maybe he would make a stop

And get us a hair cut, at the barber shop 

Daddy was a joker and he was a player

That barber, his friend, he is now the mayor

He loved to play games out in the lake 

And with one giant breath he would take

He’d disappear, out of sight

I’d scream, when I’d feel a hand so tight

He’d tug on my foot and pull me down

I never was scared, he wouldn’t dare per me drown

I can remember, one day, getting bitten

Feeding a little black & white feral kitten

He gave me sardines that were in a can

And he let me feed him by hand

The kitten got to go fishing with us that day

I brought him home to live and stay

Daddy was the best man, I’ve ever known

I look back now that I am grown 

I miss him so much, and the stories he told

I wish I could talk with him, now that I’m old

I know it’s corny, but had to share with you

About the greatest man, I ever knew

So on Father’s Day today, I will not be sad

He is with God, The Ultimate Dad

And what a way to celebrate, to be with God, on Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day Daddy!

And to all the good men 

That are unselfish with love

And make time to spend 

A day with your children 

Shouldn’t be a bother

If it is, then you certainly

Shouldn’t be called a father!




imageIf I were a flower,I know just what I’d be

I would be a dandelion, under a shade tree

I would’ve taken root, from just a wind blown seed

Planted there, by God himself, just where I should be

I’d do my best to make God proud, though just a little weed

I’d watch the sun rise every day, and then set again, just for me

I’d soak in the sun, and I’d thirst for the rain.

But, God himself would water me, for on His Throne He Reigns

I’d grow so very strong, just rooted in the ground

And wait for the day the kids would play, and come back around

My petals would have withered,and turned into puffy seeds

Anxiously awaiting, for a child to just pick me

And when the day arrived, and I was near the end

A sweet young child would pick me up, and blow me in the wind

And As I would float in the breeze, I would shrill with pure delight

For I’d no longer be, a dandelion
I’d be a wish for life.



imageI’m really, really, really sad.

I don’t know what to do.

I look at all the green, green, grass,
but all I feel is blue.

I see the birds fly overhead,

And I wish I could fly to.

Fly away from all the stress,

then I wouldn’t feel so blue.

It’s sad to watch your mama age,

And be so very frail.

Her bones so very fragile,

her face so very pale.

She can’t get around anymore,

the bed is not her friend,

still she clings to life with every breath,

she knows she’s near the end.

She needs help just to stand,

And pivot to her chair

We have to hold her gently,

And lovingly place her there.

I wanna scream

please help me

I know this is your plan

I need my mother so very much

She’s the only one who

She tells she loves me,

she wishes
To rid me of all my pain

But there is nothing she can do

Nothing will ever be the same

I hide the tears I have

In order for her not to see

All the pain I’m enduring

That is facing me

I wish I could pick her up

And hold her just as she held me

And rock her back and forth

Like she did when I was her baby

There’s so much she still hasn’t seen

Right here in this land

I think of the mountains
That stand so tall  Majestic,and so grand

I wish I could make her well

And take her for the day

To the beach, a place she loves

It seems so far away

I need you mama,

so very much
I need you just to stay

I know you are in a lot of pain

I wish I could make it go away

I know you’ve tried to help me

You’ve listened to my pain

I wish I could start over

And do it all again

I’d make sure to say yes ma’am

And do the things you’d say

I’d make you so very proud

The perfect daughter I’d portray

I’m so very sorry
for all the times I’ve let you down

Thank you for grabbing me
At the lake, the day I nearly drown

Thank you for always being there

And loving me anyway

And listening to me
Even though,

you didn’t like
what I was going to say

I love you mama here and now

I’ve loved you all my days

I will love you as I walk this earth,

Until the day, I die…

Forever and always

~ LeighAnn Thrasher croyle

My first blog :)

Ever had a major event happen to you, something life-changing, unexpected, causing you to reevaluate your entire existence? I think at some point, whether it’s getting married, having babies, a loss of a loved one, a divorce, a  diagnosis for an incurable disease, I think we can all agree that things happen in life that are way beyond our control.  I’ve heard before that if you believe in God, then there is no such thing as coincidence because it is His plan, of course, He leaves you free choice of how you deal with the circumstances you face.   I had a life altering event happen to me, which in turn caused me to learn something about myself that I never knew.  I love writing.  I am a writer.  I can put on paper my thoughts, so much better than speaking them aloud.  That is why I decided to do some research online about journaling, blogging, and writing.  There is no guarantee that you’ll ever read a single thought I write on this blog.  There is no guarantee that you will enjoy what I write.  I write from my heart, what’s on my mind, the way I feel about things, my perspective.  You may or may not agree with what I write, but they are my words.  My perspective.  My reality.  My blog.~leighann