imageIf I were a flower,I know just what I’d be

I would be a dandelion, under a shade tree

I would’ve taken root, from just a wind blown seed

Planted there, by God himself, just where I should be

I’d do my best to make God proud, though just a little weed

I’d watch the sun rise every day, and then set again, just for me

I’d soak in the sun, and I’d thirst for the rain.

But, God himself would water me, for on His Throne He Reigns

I’d grow so very strong, just rooted in the ground

And wait for the day the kids would play, and come back around

My petals would have withered,and turned into puffy seeds

Anxiously awaiting, for a child to just pick me

And when the day arrived, and I was near the end

A sweet young child would pick me up, and blow me in the wind

And As I would float in the breeze, I would shrill with pure delight

For I’d no longer be, a dandelion
I’d be a wish for life.



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